Dear Whitney,

I wanna start off by saying that I am hurting so deeply right now.
I send all of my love and my prayers abundantly to Bobbi Kristina, Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick and the rest of the Houston family.

My heart has never been this heavy.
But that still voice in me continues to quietly blurt out that “God makes no mistakes”.
I am mourning,yes I am. But I will celebrate your life and the impact you have  had on me and millions of others.

You were never just another legend  or just another great singer to me !
You played a big part in my life.
You’re the reason I am singing with all of my heart !
You’re the reason that I realized from God
the calling over my life!
You sparked that and continued to inspire me throughout my career and for the rest of my life.

When I think of you,
I think of someone who loved the Lord.
Someone with much elegance and Grace.
A mother,A sister,A friend, A companion, an Inspiration.

Someone who never pretended to be perfect,but was always honest and true to yourself. All while possessing the beautiful quality of humility in such horrendous industry.

A Woman who loved and cared!
A Woman who  fulfilled her ultimate purpose !
A Woman who was HERE!
To be a light and a walking testimony, of strength and Overcoming !

You were not just another Legend or another singer to me.

I will never forget when I first met you,in your dressing room at the VH1 Divas concert and you sat down, held my hand and said  1st off , that you loved me. You gave me words of Wisdom to keep my Faith no matter what and to stand strong in this industry no matter the trials and tribulations. To stand for what I believe and understand the bigger picture in life, which is not the moment but your purpose. That moment was a life changer for me and I will never ever forget it. Never. You will never know what you did to me in that one meeting,what many people struggle to do in others lives. Yeah, you’re Grand.
I love you Whitney
I love YOU!
You deserve your peace!
You’ve finally got it.